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Jan: R 8000 registration fee (Pay before we start)

1 Feb - 1 Sept: R4300 x 8

Total: R 42 400

Students (Work after hours)

28 Feb - 31 Aug: R1200 x 7

Total: R 8400

Grand Total: R 50 800

Commune (Not compulsory)

R 2200 - R 2500 x 10 (Rooms are shared)

Food not included

Total: R 22 000 - R 25 000

Class fees include

Camps, a t-shirt, Target Life top, a buff, the borrowing of a backpack for the hike and a memory stick with camp videos and career software.

Class fees exclude

Food for the Hike (R1000), snacks and fuel cost for excursions, pocket money for The Journey (R 1600) and Winklespruit (R 800) is not included.

Students have to  work after hours

Target Life projects will assist students to raise some of the money.

Bank : FNB     

Name: Target Life Gap Year PBO

Account Type: Business Cheque

Account  Number: 62840307294

Branch: Menlyn  Branch code: 250655

Banking Details

Commune accommodation optional

Communes are on the church grounds and very safe

Cost: R 2200 – R 2500 (Only shared rooms)

Target Life leaders staying in with the students

Students buy and cook their own food

Contact: Johann: 083 260 8415


The starting date for 2022 has changed to 23 January 2022.

On acceptance, download the information on where and when we start in 2022, the communes and what to bring with.

Pay the R8000 registration fee before

23 January 2022

Applications after the first of January must pay the registration fee within two days to secure your place in Target Life

Kick Start  (End January)  Orientation Getting to know        one another Prep for the year Expectations Team building Commitment Fusion (Mid February)  Team building Friendship Fun & games Fanie Botha  Hike  (Mid March)  Nature appreciation Team building Friendship Character test Endurance High Ropes  (Mid April)  Team building Overcoming fear Adrenaline Rush Developing courage Calculated risk taking Survivor  (End of July)  Team building Self discovery Challenge Leadership Self-control  Emotional intelligence Endurance Journey  (September)  Team building Vision Motivation Perspective Awesomeness Future focus Family Winklespruit  (November)  Team building Family Tying loose ends Perspective Conclusion

Target Life specializes in facilitating a process for post-school youth to discover their calling and purpose in life, find their true identity, unlock their full potential, acquire essential skills, ignite their passions and forge perseverance and, in so doing, provides them with the opportunity to make a significant impact on the world around them.

The key to both happiness and success is to develop a balanced life, therefore, we focus on nurturing body, soul and spirit, thus assisting young people to deal with their past, present and future.

A year’s investment in the Target Life programme can ensure a more stable and meaningful future for themselves as individuals, their future families and the corporate environment alike.  

We Specialize Holistic Balanced Approach:  Body, Soul & Spirit Dealing with  Baggage Identity Self-knowledge Self-leadership Endurance Spiritual Growth Character Building Emotional Intelligence Career Planning Leadership Skills Worldview Past Present Future

Download the application form

Download the contract

Read the rules in the contract

Be sure to accept the rules

Complete the application form

Application closes 29 January 2022

Email the application form to:



Phone us for an appointment

and bring your application with to the interview

On receiving your application, we will phone you and arrange an interview date

Parents can come with to the interview to receive more detailed information on the course

For applicants that live far from Pretoria, we will do a telephonic interview

The interview:

Selection requirements:

Doing Target Life must be the student’s own choice

Students with disabilities will be considered on the merit of being able to participate in most of the activities - contact us

If selected, you will receive an acceptance document and student number via email

Head of Target Life:     

Abel Loedolff -      082 859 1519

Heads of Families:

Abel Loedolff -      082 859 1519

Chanine du Toit - 082 924 6860

Havier Roux -        071 677 7665

Living Word Brummeria   

72 Brummeria Str, Brummeria, Pretoria  

GPS - 25°44'32.46"S  28°17'12.63"E

General:      073 180 0765    -   targetlifegeneral@gmail.com

Finance:       082 924 6860 (Chanine)   -   targetlifefinance@gmail.com

Camps:          targetlifecamps@gmail.com

Office:           073 180 0765

Address:       72 Brummeria Rd


                        Silverton,  0184

Commune:   073 180 0765

Vision Seeing the future You only live once, if you live it right, once is enough! Invest a year and benefit for eternity! Class times Week days    08:00 - 13:00 Wednesdays  11:00 - 13:00 Holidays The same as Gauteng schools VIDEOS Invest a year and benefit for eternity! #top Directors of Dipuo Mokopanele Abel Loedolff Mpho Mogadime 2022 Bursary Application Form Target Life.pdf Sponsorship 2019.zip You only live once,  if you live it right,  once is enough! Sonika Pohl Mpho Khoza (Sous) Johann Holzapfel Taryn O’Brien Havier Roux - Familie Hoof Benita Loedolff Kevin Santos Kobus Louw English Family Afrikaanse Familie 1 Afrikaanse Familie 2 Karlise Cronje Shani Loots Abel Loedolff - Director Chanine du Toit - HR
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Josef de Beer Judah de Beer Open day -  Sa 16 Oct 2021 Brummeria - 09:00 - 13:00 Must watch: 2 min video! Download Calender 2022