Cost (2022)


Jan: R 8000 registration fee (Pay before we start)

1 Feb - 1 Sept: R4300 x 8

Total: R 42 400

Students (Work after hours)

28 Feb - 31 Aug: R1200 x 7

Total: R 8400

Grand Total: R 50 800

Commune (Not compulsory)

R 2200 - R 2500 x 10 (Rooms are shared)

Food not included

Total: R 22 000 - R 25 000

Class fees include

Camps, a t-shirt, Target Life top, a buff, the borrowing of a backpack for the hike and a memory stick with camp videos and career software.

Class fees exclude

Food for the Hike (R1000), snacks and fuel cost for excursions, pocket money for The Journey (R 1600) and Winklespruit (R 800) is not included.

Students have to  work after hours

Target Life projects will assist students to raise some of the money.

Bank : FNB     


Account Type: Business Cheque

Account  Number: 62840307294

Branch: Menlyn Maine   Branch code: 252445

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Bank : FNB     

Name : Pro Dev Link NPC

Account Type: Business Cheque

Account  Number: 62730887041

Branch: Menlyn    Branch code: 250655