On acceptance, download the information on where and when we start in 2018, the communes and what to bring with

Pay the R6000 registration fee before 1st January 2018

Applications after the first of January must pay the registration fee within two days to secure your place in Target Life

News Location, Class & Time
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Contact Us

Tel:           012 845 8370  

Email:       targetlife@lewendewoord.co.za

Adress:      72 Brummeria Rd

                 P.O.Box 2059



Heads of Target Life

Abel Loedolff -      082 859 1519

Heads of families

Chanine du Toit -   082 924 6860

Havier Roux -        071 677 7665

To equip YOUTH to pursue their GODLY purpose  with passion & perseverance Developing emotional  intelligence Family Building Team Building Body Future Growing in a safe  environment Growing in an intimate  relationship with God Career guidance Leadership and more A journey through South Africa Survivor, hiking and more Discipleship Life skills Adventure learning Balances & perspective Spirit Soul Past Present

Term 1

Kick-start Camp

Inner healing

Christian foundation

Fusion camp


Fanie Botha hike

Term 2

Career guidance

High ropes course




Farm week


Term 3

Kingdom economy


Marriage & relationships

Financial week

Arts week

Christianity @ A-level

The Journey

Term 4

Ministry training

Life skills


How to stay standing

Winklespruit camp

Living Word Brummeria

72 Brummeria Rd, Brummeria, Pretoria

GPS - 25°44'32.46"S  28°17'12.63"E

Class times

- Week days    08:00 - 13:00

- Wednesdays  11:00 - 13:00


- The same as Gauteng schools

After hours

- Students must work after hours to pay for The Journey and Winklespruit

- On Sunday evenings we attend Living Word’s English service  

- Sufficient time to practise hobbies, participate in sport, or even study part-time

- Matric subjects can be repeated during the year

- Own accommodation or Target Life's communes

- Communes are on the Church grounds and safe

- The cost is R1800 – R2000 for shared rooms

- Rooms small, large communal areas

- Students buy  their own food

- Contact:  Erika: 012 845 8370

Bank Details

Bank: ABSA

Account name:  Lewende Woord

Account number: 4076806527

Branch code:  632005

Checks to:   Lewende Woord


Jan: R6000 registration fee (Pay before we start)

Feb - Sept: R3750 x 8

Total: R36 000

Students (Work after hours)

March - Jul: R1100 x 7

Total: R7700

Commune (Not compulsory)

R1800 - R2000 x 10 (Rooms are shared)

Kos nie ingesluit nie

Class fees include

Camps, a t-shirt, Target Life top, a buff, the borrowing of a backpack for the hike and a memory stick with camp videos and career software.

Class fees exclude

Food for the Hike (R700), snacks and fuel cost for excursions, pocket money for The Journey (R1200) and Winklespruit (R600) is not included

Target Life projects will assist students

to raise some of the money, however,

students have to  work in the afternoons.

Download the application form

Download the contract

Read the rules in the contract

Be sure to accept the rules

Complete the application form

Application closes 27 January 2018

Email the application form to:



Post the application to

P.O. Box 2059,

Silverton, 0127


Phone us for an appointment

and bring you application with to the interview


The interview:

Selection requirements:

Doing Target Life must be the student’s own choice

Students with disabilities will be considered on the merit of being able to participate in most of the activities - contact us

If selected, you will receive an acceptance document and student number at the interview

On receiving your application, we will phone you and arrange an interview date

Parents can come with to the interview to receive more detailed information on the course

For applicants that live far from Pretoria, we will do a telephonic interview

Contact us Commune The Coaches and families for 2016 Head of Target life Secretary & PA Abel Loedolff Erika Robbetze